Terms & Conditions

    • Bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving full payment prior to the booking date.
    • Bookings can be refunded into credits or shifted to another date/time 3 days prior to booking. No refunds will be made if the booking period is within 3 days.
    • Basic Studio will not be held accountable for lost or stolen articles or personal injury occurred on the premises.
    • The studio will only be made available at the time of your booking.
    • Overtime rates are charged at 1.5 times the booking rate for that particular time slot. Overtime will be enforced if you do not leave the studio within 10 minutes after your allocated booking. If you need to extend your booking, please do so via the booking form before your booking ends or WhatsApp Alex at 8118 7285.
    • You will be responsible for your personal belongings and shall be liable for claims for any damage, loss or injury or death suffered by reason of or arising from or in connection with your use.
    • All personal equipment, including mats, should be removed from the studio after your booking. We allow a 24-hours grace period for collection afterwards provided that you notify us in advance. If you need to store your equipment at the studio between bookings, there will be an additional $50 fees per week per equipment. We reserve the right to refuse storage due to limited space.
  • You will keep Basic Studio fully indemnified from and against all claims, demands, actions, losses, costs and expenses (including costs on a solicitor and client basis) of any nature whatsoever which Basic Studio may suffer or incur in connection with a loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property howsoever caused arising from or in connection with the use of Basic Studio by you.
  • Basic Studio reserves the right to modify or add to the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • For damages of equipment and studio facilities and/or if the studio facilities including lights and aircon are left switched on after booking ends, charges are as follow:
    • Speakers – SGD$150
    • Mirrors – SGD$1,000 per piece
    • Cleaning fee – SGD$100
    • Aircon – SGD$500

Studio Rules

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the studio.
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed in the studio.
  • Please clear all trash when you exit the studio, you may discard them at the rubbish bin at the lobby or the car park. Please do not leave the trash in the toilet or the fitting room.
  • Please refrain from loud music.
  • Do not use substances on the studio’s dance floor including but not limited to rosin, powder or tape (gaffer’s tape and spike tape are permissible with prior approval, and residue must be cleaned prior to vacating the premises).
  • Do not use heavy or sharp objects in the studio that might damage the dance floor or the mirror.
  • All and any items in the fitting room belongs to Basic Studio and we do daily routine checks. Please refrain from using any equipment or apparels from the fitting room without prior consent.
  • Please stack back any stools you have used.
  • Please ensure that all electrical appliances such as lights, fan, and air-conditioning are switched off before you exit the studio.
  • Please ensure that the door is shut after leaving. The door will auto-lock when closed.

Our policies are NON NEGOTIABLE. By booking, you agree to abide by ALL of the policies.